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Hey makeup lovers!

as you would of noticed I have been awol since June due to personal matters.

I am happy to report that you will be seeing a lot more from me very soon. I have decided to start over and having been coming up with a bunch of cool concepts to share with you :)

I think that I am going to take the blog in a little bit of a more personal direction rather than just doing product reviews, but don’t worry there will also be a few of those too for those of you who enjoy them!

I have a couple photo shoots coming up so I’ll be sharing some of the finished images on here as well so you can check out some of my work. And I’m so excited to tell you that I will hopefully be launching my website around February - March of 2014.

I’ve created an instagram for Cosmetic Armour, as of yet nothing has been posted but if you wanted to check it out and save it for later you can do so :) @cosmetic_armour. I’d love to hear any ideas from you so please contact me if you have any suggestions.

Hope you all are doing good xx

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